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MyLights Lighting System

Aquarius Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are proud to have partnered with Advantage Air on the release of the new MyLights system. Whether you’re building a new home or just wanting to upgrade and automate your household lights, the MyLights system is for you. Link your smart phone or tablet and have the flexibility of operating the system from anywhere in the house or even when you are on the way home.

Why MyLights shines:

Dimming your smart lights: With the ability to adjust every smart light in your home from 5 to 100% brightness without getting up, comes smart energy savings. For instance, if you dim your smart lights to 50%, you’re running near zero power, which means you’re saving dollars in the long run.

LED lights vs Halogen lights: Generally, LED’s (at 100% brightness) are much more efficient than halogen lights. For instance, a house with 60 lights running for 1.5 hours per day costs the following per year. LED lights give you real savings.

Affordable smart system: Smart systems are no longer a luxury. Not only does MyLights cost substantially less than other systems and is energy efficient, you benefit from the quality and reliability of an Australian made system.

Intuitive to use: You don’t need to study the user manual – MyLights is intuitive to use. You’ll be able to set up and program the system yourself. Between the 8-inch hub and app, you can control your lighting system from anywhere. Now that’s comforting!

Australian made: Quality is everything, so our products are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. Being local, we offer excellent after sales support and service. We have a helpline available, which is staffed here in Australia and they are expert in providing assistance to you.

Human-centered technology: Discover the very real benefits of MyLights: feeling safer in your home; being able to adjust the lighting in every room; controlling your lights from a central hub or your smart device, and saving energy costs.

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