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Reduce Your Air Conditioning Consumption This Summer

Reduce Your Air Conditioning Consumption This Summer

With the summer heatwaves incoming, many home owners would be wondering how much they have to pay in electricity bills, when they start ramping up the usage of their air conditioners. South East Queensland (North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast  is set for a long hot Summer, so it is imperative that home owners understand what is needed to minimise wastage, when it comes to their air conditioning usage.

How to assist keeping your running costs low?

Here are a few pointers to help you minimise wastage and keep your air conditioning system running as efficiently as possible.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

It is important to keep your air conditioning in good working order. Getting it serviced ahead of summer is a great idea. This ensures it will perform optimally when you need it. 

If you have frozen pipes in the compressor, its a clear sign that something is wrong or a leak is happening. You should get your service tech to fix all of these issues. An air conditioning system that is not working properly can consume an excessive amount of power – and still not be cold enough for summer!

Use Air Conditioning Wisely

Many home owners blast their air conditioning the entire day and set it to the lowest temperature during summer. They are then striken with sky high power bills and they wonder why it is so.

It pays to use your air conditioning wisely. Modern day air conditioning is designed to bring the home to a comfortable temperature – especially during summer, and not turn your home into the Antartica.

If you want to minimise power consumption wastage and cut down on your power bill this summer, you need to use your air conditioning wisely. This way you can continue to enjoy cool air through out the Summer Months

Set the desired temperature to no more than 21°. Actually 23° is more ideal. Anything lower will put your air conditioning into a higher power mode constantly which can consume quite a lot of power.

In addition, try not to keep your air conditioning on the whole day or for long periods. You can program your air conditioning to turn on for an hour or two, around times that you need the home cooled. For examples, an hour before you come home from work or an hour before bedtime. Many home owners are happy to turn on the air conditioning for 2-3 hours a day, just to keep the home comfy.

Smart Zoning For Ducted Air Conditioning

Home owners with ducted air conditioning should set up their zones wisely. Group zones that are frequently used together and set the timer program for each zone. You should never turn on all zones – only the zones that you need cooling.

Being smart about your zoning can save your a substantial amount of money.

Hope these tips helps your save this summer.