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Air Conditioning Power Consumption

How Much Power Does My Air Conditioner Use

A lot of people ask the question off how much there Air Conditioner will cost to run daily.

Canstar have carried out a study into such with the link below for your reference 

If you have a ducted Air Conditioner sized and zoned correctly the power consumption should be minimised when its in operation. If you have a ducted air conditioner which is on 24/7 for the entire house with no zoning you can run the risk off higher energy consumptions

Inverter's in air conditioners today have come along way which also assists in minimising your running costs. There is so many factors in the Market place these days compared to 10 years ago, the control system nows play a huge part in the ducted air conditioner power consumption debate.

I believe it is best these days to have a ducted air conditioner installed with a solar power system where you can further minimise your costs for power consumption and in some cases completely $0 out your bill why your air conditioner is operations 24/7

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