Why should I choose Aquarius Refrigeration and Air­-Conditioning?

Since 2007, we have served the Brisbane community, building a strong reputation and providing top customer service. We guarantee to provide quality air conditioning installation and servicing at an affordable price, and we also provide our residential air conditioner customers with further peace of mind through offering long term service guarantees (residential air con installations often at 5 years).

Who are your customers?

We supply, install and service air conditioning units for both residential and commercial customers. We also have a number of long standing business customers for our commercial refrigeration services. We have established a very good reputation with all our air conditioning customers.

Where are your customers based?

Aquarius Air provides air conditioning services to customers in all parts and suburbs of Brisbane. We are based in North Lakes and service all surrounding areas, we also serve all other Brisbane suburbs and travel from the Gold Coast to Brisbane.

What price do you charge?

Aquarius Air is a small company, with tightly controlled overheads, and this allows us to provide a high quality service at an affordable price, resulting in our prices usually being lower than our competitors. From experience, we have learnt that each air con installation is unique and therefore each job needs to be priced on an individual basis. For an exact price, be it for residential or commercial air conditioning or commercial refrigeration, then please contact our friendly staff for a free quotation (07) 3880 6777.

Our aim at Aquarius Air is to provide all our customers with a quality service at an affordable price. We use quality materials and guarantee all our work. Based on installing the same air conditioning unit and using the same materials as our competitors, we believe that we will provide you with the cheapest air­con installation quote. However, in today’s highly competitive environment, it is possible that you may receive a cheaper quote, but bear in mind that it is in your own interests, to carefully check the air conditioner unit (brand and size), the materials and guarantee that are being offered for these quotes.

Are you the cheapest?

Yes, at Aquarius Air we have a lot of experience working with insurance companies and can help you through the claim process.

I have an insurance claim – can Aquarius

I need air conditioning, but am not able to pay for it immediately – can you help me with a payment plan over 2 years?

Yes, Aquarius Air has established facilities that allow for an interest free period of up to 2.5 years, with an initial deposit of 10% followed by regular fortnightly re-payments. Please contact our friendly staff on (07) 3880 6777 for more detailed information on the payment plan options available, payment plan can be done for any air-­conditioning job under $30,000.00.

From the date of receiving your approval for your quote, Aquarius Air aims to be on site to carry out the air conditioner installation within 5­-14 working days.

How soon can you install my new air conditioner?

Aquarius Air is doing what it can to protect the environment, there is a clear and present risk if consumers use non­-licensed technicians to install or service their air conditioners or refrigerators ­ a risk to both the environment and their wallet. Licensed technicians and authorised businesses have shown themselves to be qualified to do the job consumers have hired them to do. Aquarius Refrigeration and Air­-Conditioning have met the licensing / authorisation requirements under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 and the fact that a license holder must adhere to an Industry Code of Practice and possess the skills to do the job ­ minimizes the risk of refrigerant emission. Non­licensed technicians and businesses have not demonstrated their willingness to adhere to their legal obligations and this may reflect in their services. Our Arctic number is AU38775

What is Aquarius Refrigeration Air­-Conditioning doing to protect our environment?

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) have had a large impact on the efficiency and innovation of the air conditioner market. The least efficient air conditioner (less than 4kW) today is more efficient than the most efficient air conditioner on the market in 2001. Selecting the right heating and cooling system can have a big impact on household energy costs. There are a number of choices available to provide heating and/or cooling services to your home. Not all types of heaters or coolers are covered under the E3 Program. Some of the technologies explored are identified under Types of Cooling and Heating Appliances. When looking to purchase a heating or cooling appliance refer to Factors to Consider.

What is MEPs?

A standard back to back installation refers to installing a split system air conditioning unit in a lowest property, where there is a maximum pipe run of 2.5 meters between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

What is a standard back to back installation?

Factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner?

Considerations when determining what type of appliance will be used to heat or cool or both needs to take into account the following factors:

  • Access to fuel (electricity, gas, solar power)
  • Purchase costs
  • Running costs
  • •Size of area to be heated or cooled.

For space conditioning equipment the usage will vary with the locality, weather, building shell efficiency, building or room size, zoning, equipment type and occupant usage behaviours, plus through the interaction of these variables.