What is MyLights

MyLights is a smart home lighting system that incorporates the energy efficiency of LED lighting, the convenience of controlling the system remotely from your phone, yet without compromising on the reliability of a hard-wired lighting solution.

MyLights was designed and developed leveraging the technology developed in air-conditioning through the MyAir Product. The functions that were valued by consumers with their air-conditioning were soon realised to also be valuable in a lighting system, the pinnacle of which was the smartphone app, allowing control of the air-conditioning from the smartphone, anywhere in the world

Why MyLights shines:

Affordable smart system

Smart home lighting systems are no longer a luxury. Not only does MyLights cost substantially less than other smart lighting systems and is more energy efficient, you benefit from the quality and reliability of an Australian made system.

Comfort and Security

With MyLights enjoy the comfort of being able to turn on your lights from the car, so you always walk into a brightly lit home; the comfort of being able to control your lights while on holiday, so it always looks like you’re home; and the comfort of knowing by switching to LED lights, you’ve reduced your lighting energy consumption by up to 80%.

Intuitive to use

You don’t need to study the user manual – MyLights is intuitive to use. You’ll be able to set up and program the system yourself. Between the 8-inch touchscreen and smartphone app, you can control your smart lighting system from anywhere. Now that’s comforting!

Australian made

At Aquarius Air we believe that quality is everything, so our products are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. Being local, we offer excellent aftersales support and service. We have a helpline available, which is staffed here in Australia and they are experts in providing assistance to you.

Control your home from one hub

MyLights’ seamlessly integrates with MyAir air-conditioning so you can adjust your lights and reverse cycle aircon from the same touchscreen. Tap the Android icon and it’s also a tablet that can be loaded up with other smart home products and your other apps.

MyLight - My Air Air-conditioning

Match your mood lighting

Changing the lighting has the power to change the mood. Dim the lights and suddenly dinner becomes cuisine; the bathroom becomes a spa; and everyone looks more attractive. With MyLights you can adjust your indoor and outdoor MyLights by area or individually, and dim them to the setting that suits you.

MyLights Mood Lighting

See that you’re safe

Nothing is more unsettling than when things go bump in the middle of the night. With the MyPlace app, you can instantly turn on all your indoor and outdoor smart lights from the security of your bed. If you need to investigate, you’ll feel safer in a brightly lit home.

Bright ‘Welcome’. Quick ‘Goodbye’

The ‘MyWelcome’ button turns on all the lights you’d like to come home to; ‘MyGoodbye’ turns off the lights when you leave. Both can be edited by yourself. With MyLights now you can arrive home safely, and get out the door faster.

Be seen in your best light

Do you prefer a clean crisp bright light, or a warm moody glow? MyLights energy efficient 10-watt LED’s come in a choice of warm, natural or cool, so you can always be seen in your best light.

The light fittings sit flush with the ceiling and come in a choice of two contemporary finishes: white or brushed steel. MyLight fittings can be used inside and out, providing the outdoor area is undercover like an alfresco or portico.

MyLights Best Light

Dimming your smart lights

With the ability to adjust every LED MyLight in your home without getting up, comes smart energy savings. For instance, if you dim your smart lights to 50%, you’re running near zero power, which means you’re saving dollars in the long run. The table below shows just how much you can save using the dimming function on the MyLights App:

Cost figures in the above table and on the bar graph on the right are based on a home with 60 LED lights running for 1.5 hours per day

Cost figures in the above table and on the bar graph on the right are based on a home with 60 LED lights running for 1.5 hours per day

LED lights vs Halogen lights

Generally, LED’s (at 100% brightness) are much more efficient than halogen lights. For instance, a house with 60 lights running for 1.5 hours per day costs the following per year. LED lights give you real savings. See the table below:

Annual Household Lighting Costs

Control of other Lights

MyLights can control most 240v lights, for example pendant lights over your kitchen bench, or perhaps the lights in your driveway. This is achieved by the MyLights signal switching a relay, so if you are interested in this capability be sure to discuss this with your Connected Home or MyLights dealer.

MyLights MyEco Logo

Generally, LEDs (at 100% brightness) are much more energy efficient than halogen lights. To save even more energy, use the MyEco function available with MyLights. It automatically dims all your lights – you’ll barely notice the difference in the room lighting, but you’ll see a big drop in your power bill.

MyAir Internet Controller Tablet

For Builders

Building a new home?

MyLights can be easily installed into any new home build. However, if you’re building a 2 storey home it must be installed before the upstairs slab is laid.

How MyLights works

Get your home fully connected with MyAir

The option to add MyAir

You can add MyAir to your home and because they’re both from Advantage Air, they work off the MyPlace smart home touchscreen and app.