Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Split system systems are among the most popular air conditioners for well-defined spaces, providing a versatile and energy-efficient system that you can use for almost any room.

We are one of the top Brisbane technicians for split system air conditioners, with more 10 years of experience installing reverse cycle air conditioners, inverted air conditioner systems, and other split system units. We also service the Sunshine Coast.

Whether you need standard systems for your office or special reverse cycle air conditioners for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, our technicians can set it up for you.

We also provide guidance on how and where your indoor and outdoor units should be located in your home to ensure maximum system efficiency, minimal cost and the best aesthetic appeal.

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Single and Multi Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Single split system air conditioners are great for cooling one, two or more areas in your property. These units are area-specific and generally regarded as the most popular and cost-efficient form of home air conditioning.

If you want to cool multiple rooms but have limited space for its connecting outdoor units, then a multi split system air conditioner is your best choice. Multi split system air conditioners connect multiple split system indoor units with one outdoor unit, saving you space while providing similar heating or cooling capacities in your rooms.

We install single and multi split systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast wide, providing high-quality split system units to both private and commercial properties.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners (Heating and Cooling)

Reverse cycle air conditioners offer the great advantage of keeping your home cool during the long, hot summers while heating it during the cold stretches of winter. Reverse cycle air conditioners can warm your home faster and more efficiently than other traditional forms of heating, making them a valuable addition to modern homes and offices. By giving you the ability to cool or heat your room whenever you want, you can live more comfortably without worrying about the temperature outside.

Inverter Air Conditioner

An inverter air conditioner is more economical to operate and much quieter than conventional air conditioners. Inverter air conditioner units reach the desired temperature relatively quickly, and they provide a smoother and more stable operation while maintaining the required temperature.

Inverters electronically control the electrical voltage, current and frequency of the outdoor compressor unit, adjusting the revolution speed of the compressor that directly regulates the air conditioner output. This adjustment is made through information received from sensors monitoring operating conditions at the indoor unit. This gives you a more efficient and responsive air conditioning system for your room.

Advantages of a Split System Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioners offer several benefits that make them an ideal air conditioning system for homes and offices:

  • Efficient – Its ability to heat or cool different spaces individually (or simultaneously) allows you to control the temperature in multiple rooms easily. They’re also great for targeting well-defined spaces in your property, letting you cool or heat specific areas in your living spaces quickly.
  • Compact Size – The compact size of split system air conditioners means you won’t need to use up a lot of space in your room when installing these units. Most split system air conditioners can be set up in a small area near the ceiling, taking up little space and keeping most of your room’s design intact.
  • Stylish – The small size and simple look of split system air conditioning units let it blend in with practically any modern home or office. This allows you to maintain the style of your room or create any look that you want for your living space.
  • Variety – Split system units come in different configurations, giving you more options for creating the right setup for your property. Whether you’re looking for reverse cycle air conditioners, an inverter air conditioner or a simple single split system unit, you’ll have many choices for getting the right level of air conditioning in your property.
  • Quiet – Split system air conditioners are designed to run quietly and efficiently in your living space, producing cold or hot air with minimal noise for your comfort. This makes them ideal units for bedrooms, offices and other areas that require peace and quiet.

Split System Air Conditioner Installation and Maintenance

If you’re interested in setting up a split system air conditioner on your property, call us on 07 5493 3691 to get professional advice and recommendations. Our split system air conditioner Brisbane technicians help you find the right system for your needs and budget, giving you the information you need to make the right choice.

Because each property and room is different, we will help you determine the system you need to get the level of comfort you want. We offer obligation-free quotes at no cost to you, giving you valuable information and advice free of charge. If you need more information or have any enquiries, please send us a message.